From the very beginning one of Concept’s core disciplines was in the Energy Management field. From that time forward we have kept pace with the Alberta marketplace. We have installed and maintained building energy management systems for hundreds of clients throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan.

As the technologies evolved we were there: lighting efficiency upgrades, geothermal, thermal storage and most recently we have completed a number of photo voltaic array installs for both commercial and residential applications. We are currently working with the City of Calgary, Mount Royal University, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, University of Alberta and the University of Calgary to help integrate the lighting, heating ventilating and air conditioning components to maximize energy savings.

Our original vision of the energy efficiency application was shaped by an oil and gas economy that seemed to have no boundaries. Nothing seemed to matter except the state of the economy and the environment suffered without notice.

There is a new day at Concept Group that is filled with expectation for the future. Fueled by an increasing amount of climate change information and a sense of urgency over the state of the environment, we are committed to making real change for all the right reasons. Thinking triple bottom line—social, environmental and financial—is the direction we’re heading. An increase in our bottom line will simply be a byproduct of taking a more efficient route.

Around the world new and innovative ideas are becoming a reality as companies like ours are putting their time and talent into creating something from nothing and making a difference. Doing the right things first, giving back to the community and the world and making a profit in the end is a vision we are embracing fully.

We are passionate about our new direction and excited at the prospect of becoming known as truly innovative stewards of the environment. We will make a difference in the world we occupy.